My Family Daycare provides early education and care in a safe, nurturing and flexible home learning environment. I offer a play based learning program and environment in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework or Framework for School Age Care. It encompasses a variety of stimulating, educational and fun experiences according to each child’s needs and interests. Children also have a mix of indoor and outdoor play and are given a lot of chance to connect with the nature.

My Family Daycare provides a very warm and familiar environment for all my children. It’s extremely child focused and family focused. I provide creative and stimulating play areas for children as well as provide a welcoming atmosphere for families. I provide a setting that includes a variety of flora and fauna in the outdoors, involve children in their care, planting and caring for outdoor plants, observing them and watering them regularly. I use recycled and home-made equipment in my creative experiences. I engage my children in one to one and small group discussions about sustainable practices. Self-help skills, hygiene, respect for all and other positive practices are encouraged at all times.


Lot of families work around the clock, sometimes in shifts and have rotating rosters. With the increase in the way we are working outside normal office hours, more and more families require greater flexibility from their Childcare providers. We are making a genuine effort to provide support to such families who work in hospitality, emergency services, shift work and those who simply work longer hours.  We aim to provide support and flexible care to such families based on their individual work commitments and needs.


I provide age appropriate meals for your child – mashed, puree etc. I provide a mixture of seasonal fresh fruit, mixed cheese, yoghurt, crackers, toasts, wholemeal biscuits during our teatime. Assorted sandwiches, cereals, veggie sticks, rice and curries, noodles and pasta for lunchtime.
Majority of meals are homemade using olive oil, wholemeal and organic products.
Nutritious meals, snacks and drinks are given to the children in order to charge them up with enough energy to power through the day!


My fee for standard hours is based on a daily rate for a 10 hour day from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday). My fee for Out of Normal/Non-standard hours is based on an hourly fee. This includes Care provided on Weekdays before 7:30 am and after 5:30 pm, Weekend and Overnight Care.

As I am a registered educator you may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy based on your individual eligibility.

Families who require care during out of normal hours (before 7:30 am to after 5:30 pm on Weekdays), Weekend Care or Overnight Care may also be eligible to apply for Child Care Subsidy for work and study purposes based on their individual eligibility.


The daycare predominantly operates from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. After School Care, Vacation Care, Overnight Care & Weekend Care is also available. Extended hours available. Please contacts us.


Arrive and settle in
Organised play areas and activities
Morning Tea
Art/Craft activity
Matt sessions/Learning time
Lunch Time
Reading stories and quiet time
Sleep, rest or quiet play
Afternoon Tea
Outdoor time
Child initiated free play


Nappies (if required)
Change of clothes
Comforter (if any)
Hat and drink bottle
Formula (if required)
Special dietary food (if required)


Plenty of love and cuddles!
All meals
Bed linen
Art and craft resources
Children’s development records