About Us

My journey with children started the day I enrolled myself in Children Services Study. While working as a qualified Educator in long day care, I soon realised I needed to create my own space where children benefit from the intimate one-on-one interactions and that was only possible through a Family Day Care's small closely knit Learning Environment. There’s plenty of individual attention, lots of cuddles and a real sense of security.


My Philosophy focuses on providing a place where children can feel respected and nurtured. A place where they feel they belong. I want children to feel safe and happy.

I follow the belief of John Bowlby - "A child who experiences responsive, nurturing and consistent care giving is more likely to be securely attached and have a positive self-image".

My interactions with children are guided by the Reggio Emilia Approach that - "Children must have some control over the direction of their learning, they must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing and they must be allowed to explore and have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves".

Children are little researchers and they learn by using their senses to explore the world. I see children as active learners, listen to their ideas and help them find their own answers. I provide materials that are stimulating and are right for the child’s age and development. I look for children’s interest and plan to build on them.

I believe it is important to recognise and respond to the unique influence that a family has in a child's life. I welcome, encourage and value parents contribution to their child’s development and I encourage them to become actively involved in their child’s learning.

I believe these early years are most important in a child’s life and provide the foundation from which they develop into adults. I will be a positive role model encouraging learning and development.

Educator | Children Services